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Accounting adapted to the size of your company


Manage the day to day running of your business thanks to the evolutionary dashboard (margin control, C.A, treasury ...) and automatic updates.

Save precious time: all the information you input is saved in real time and is accessible 24/7.

Restart your idle customers without having to wait for the data usually sent by your bank


The advantages of our online accounting offer:

  • Save precious time: all the information you input is saved in real time and is accessible 24/7.
  • Restart your idle customers thanks to up to date accounting

  • Have access remotely and at all times to the accounting documents of your company

  • All your data is secured

  • Archive and manage your corporate documents on it

  • Optimize your business through information processing


Handling your accounting online with a Professional Accountant:

Thanks to this solution, your Business Accountant can make corrections in real time on online accounting entries that you submit from your computer. It allows for a real partnership with the Accountant who accompanies you.


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You are a Creator, a Consultant, Self-Employed, a Health Professional or a Retailer


  • Whatever the specifics of your know-how, you need a solution for your accounting adapted to your real needs, even when you have a low volume of invoices.

  • GCF is an online accounting firm that has redesigned all the work processes of the Professional Accountant to offer you personalized accounting support that reduces your time spent on administering and accounting:

  • Better anticipation of tax audits,

  • Easy management of pay slips,

  • Contracts of employment and conventional obligations,

  • Software removing accounting entries,

  • Reply within 24 hours to all your questions ...

With our digital solutions and the guarantee of accounting advice adapted to your business, you will be able to optimize your time and your performance.


Our services include:

  • Preparing of monthly financial statements,

  • Quarterly or yearly depending on your choice;

  • Preparing corporate taxes (provincial and federal);

  • Your online customer zone. Thanks to your online customer zone, you can access your accounting and all your related documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a secure online area. Wherever you are and whenever you want, your accounting and tax documents are at your disposal;

  • Reassurance during tax audits. You will receive complete support. A professional accountant writes the letters and if necessary will come to you to help defend your interests.


Flexibility and swiftness, to serve you better

This service offers you simple schemes which allow you to route your tax documents in the way that suits you best. Five (5) options are available: Internet, fax, mail, direct deposit at the counter, or by appointment. Your requests will be transmitted and processed in complete security and confidentiality.

Your returns will be forwarded to governments by EDT (Electronic Data Transmission), at no cost. If you qualify for a rebate, the government's deadline for reimbursement is only 10 days.

Professional Service

Our consultants are university-level educated in accounting and taxation. They are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of rigorous service and work hard to achieve it. Each declaration is supervised throughout its production by one of our advisors. No declaration is transmitted to the government without you first being informed of the result and the status of your file.

Our firm is committed to providing you with the highest quality tax service at the best possible price. Our advisors have excellent tax training and make sure no deductions or benefits are forgotten. Their efficient work methods reduce our fees to a minimum.

Our tax service also comes with a quality guarantee greatly appreciated by our customers.

Corporate Tax

Our firm is able to prepare your corporate tax returns with professionalism and competence. Final reports are the result of a continuous process of financial and tax planning, with the purpose of minimizing past, present and future taxes, while still being law compliant. 

To achieve this, we use several principles, such as:

  • Salary vs. dividend optimization

  • Income splitting

  • Revenue deferral

  • Thorough application of deductions and benefits


Personal income tax return

  • Salaried and retired

  • Rental revenue & employment expenses

  • Self-employed worker


Declaration of death

  • Final declaration

  • Separate declaration

Inheritance declaration


We have great experience as well as diversified knowledge in several fields. 

Contact us today to receive your first consultation free!

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